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What to do in Lima

City tour

What to do in Cusco:

City tour

Sacred Valley

Rainbow Mountain




Ayahuasca ceremonia

Turismo Vivencia

Hiking to Machupicchu

Machupiccchu by train

What to do in Puno

Floating Islands 2 days

Puerto Maldonado

3 days tour Amazon


What to do in Cusco

Most visitors are keen to get to Machu Picchu, either by trekking for 4 days, or by 4 hours in the train, but Cusco itself has a lot to offer, the visitor and most travelers usually end up seduced with this vibrant city and stay longer than first planned.


Visit the nearby Inca Ruins of Sacsayhuaman, Koricancha, San Pedro market and the main Cathedral.


One of the most pleasant Activities is running the river in an inflatable rubber raft, surrounded by splendid Andean Scenary. There are a variety of alternative rivers and the three most popular, in order of length, are The Urubamba River, the Apurimac River and the Tambopata River. During the journey you can also try to observe abundant flora and fauna.


The park protects several  ecological zones ranging from as low as 150 meters above sea level in parts of the Southwest Amazon moist forests to Peruvian Yungas at middle elevations to Central Andean wet puna at altitudes of 4200 meters. Because of this topographical range, it has one of highest levels of biodiversity of any park in the world


If you want a spectacular trail with the strong doses of excitement, The beautiful views of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, natural paths and old Inca trails, Maras moray by bike or Inka trip to Machu Picchu offer an ideal and incomparable place. There are also other trails, for mountain biking or horseback riding. These journeys can be for a day or more. The ideal time of year for these activities is between April and November.


The Ausangate is one the highest glaciers in the Andes, the Rainbow mountain, also know as Vinicunca is a painted hill hidden deep in the Andes (colored minerals) an undiscovered land full of wildly desert landscapes, snow-capped glaciated peaks, herds of alpaca, and pristine beauty.


Salkantay hike, Inca Trail, Lares hike




What to do in Lima

Current capital of the Republic of Peru, Metropolitan Lima has 11 million residents, which make 37% of the total population of Peru. is a dynamic and still growing city that combines a long, valuable historic legacy with the trends and amenities of any modern capital. It is still called "City of the Kings" 


Have become a common sight in Miraflores, as soon as you get closer to the cliffs or to Larcomar area: 
We offer paragliding both tandem flights and paragliding lessons. 
since this flight will provide you a privileged panoramic view of Lima beaches and cliffs, and the sea of course, flying over the coastal areas of Chorrillos, Barranco, Miraflores, Magdalena and San Miguel

The Parque Central de Miraflores

(Miraflores Central Park, aka Kennedy Park, too) is almost the heart of Miraflores' center: everything takes place around or very close to this place. Not only it has an amphitheater where many different shows take place daily, but there's food and desserts stalls and several fast-food places surrounding it; there's souvenirs vendors, street artists, and even a children's playground. There are surveillance cameras hidden at certain sports, and there is free wi-fi available.

Costa Verde

Lima has a bunch of easily accessible beaches, that offer a complete experience to the visitor; sea, beaches, restaurants for all budgets and the possibility of practicing some nautical sports. These beaches are lined up and connected by a road that tours through several districts: San Miguel, San Isidro, Miraflores and Barranco, and are open to visitors during all the year, due to the benign, mild Lima weather. Some of the most popular beaches are Redondo, Agua Dulce and La Herradura, that can get really crowded in summer. Surfers come here during all the year too.

What to do in Ica

The city of Ica is the capital of the Ica region in southern Peru. While the area was long inhabited by varying cultures of indigenous people

Ballestas Islands

The Islas Ballestas near Paracas is also called the Poor Man’s Galapagos Islands.

where you’ll visit some rock formations and see a glimpse of the marine life. Home to various species of marine animals, passing by the mysterious geoglyph called El Candelabro (candlestick).

we set out in a straight line to the actual Peruvian Pelicans, Humboldt Penguins, Peruvian boobies, red-legged and Guanay Cormorants and some Inca Terns

Huacachina Oasis Adrenaline

built around a small oasis surrounded by sand dunes. It is in the Ica province, about five kilometers from the city of Ica

Desert adventure in a buggy in the dunes of Ica. Those who wish, can go sandboarding and enjoy a spectacular sunset in the desert of Ica. Lots of fun and a great opportunity to take amazing pictures of the desert. This tour lasts about 2 hours.

Nazca Lines Overflight

What do a giant hummingbird, a monkey, and an astronaut have in common? Well, apart from the fact that they're all etched into the floor of the desert near Nazca, no one really seems to know.Welcome to one of the world's greatest mysteries—the enigmatic Nazca Lines.

The flight takes 30 min. We will fly over the famous geoglyphs, such as the Whale, the Astronaut, the Monkey, the Hummingbird, among others. Cerro Blanco, the highest sand dune in the world.

What to do in Arequipa

Santa Catalina Monastery

This labyrinth of a monastery will take you the majority of the day to explore. Santa Catalina Monastery has been nicknamed “the city within a city.” This is due to its expansive size, and the fact that between its opening in 1579 and 1970 the convent remained completely shut off from the outside world. Highlights include traditional kitchens and living quarters, the central cloister, the picturesque silence yard, and an impressive art gallery boasting roughly 400 restored works of religious art

Colca Canyon- the World’s largest Canyon

the largest Canyon in the world is under argument, but let’s say it’s large. Ancient Inca terrasses are build against the rims of the canyon and condors are supposed to be seen on a daily basis.

I plan on going hiking in the canyon and hopefully, if I’m lucky, see the searing birds of prey: the Condors of the Colca Canyon.

What to do in Puno

Lake Titicaca - Floating Islands

Lake Titicaca has some 41 floating reed islands on it that are an interesting experience for any traveler. These man-made islands have a fascinating history and story behind them. 

Although in modern times it can be argued that they are a bit "touristy" and somewhat artificial, it is also a fact that for thousands of years up to now, the Uros people have lived on and maintained these unique Peruvian islands, depending on the lake for their survival.

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